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The supply chain of bananas is the most unfair supply chain in the world and has long been a symbol of injustice in the global trade market. Since 2001, banana wholesale prices have fallen by almost 25% and around 40% of the profits are kept by the retailer. In addition to this, banana workers are exposed to toxic agro-chemicals and work in a climate of fear.

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We want to break the cycle of injustice in the supply chain of bananas, that’s why we believe in Fair Trade. Fair Trade is the world's most recognized and trusted sustainability label and we are proud to be part of it. We defend our worker's rights, protect their health and families and care about the well-being of our planet. Here at Very Fairly, these are the values we stand for.

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Very Fairly is our own organic Fair Trade banana brand. We think it’s time to put some fairness into the banana supply chain. That’s why, we want to take our products to super premium markets by maintaining a link between our organic production and reliable traceability. Our vision is to develop a Fair Trade program that delivers our premium quality bananas from the harvests to the homes of people around the world. Complete traceability from our planting to the table.

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This brand is made by fair people for fair people who are committed to breaking the cycle of injustice in the banana supply chain. It’s in our hands to make things right, so we want to raise our organic bananas up high to help our planet and our workers, one delicious bite of change at a time.

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Meet Angel

Angel is one of our more than 500 banana workers in Ecuador. Thanks to you, his family and many more can access a much fairer, better quality, and sustainable banana trade.
And this is not an easy task, the banana supply chain has long been a symbol of injustice in the world trade market.

At Very Fairly, we are ready to break this vicious cycle! Are you?

We are Very Fairly,
We are a tasty revolution!


Consumer bag - Naked bag - Naked -
2lb or 3 lb bag - 2 lb or 3lb band -
Private labeling

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