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150 countries produce bananas and Ecuador is the largest exporter of this delicious and most popular fruit.

We produce Cavendish and Williams variety.

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We have a complete high-technology system to manage, record and label all our clusters by code and colors. In this way we offer full traceability of every cluster in our farms from its origin: By lot number, age of cluster, soil and plant applications, harvest, and packing. Ready to be shipped to its final destination.

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Capiro Bananas is a tribute to the native farmers of the Ecuadorian Coast. We want to make a special recognition of their hard work that brings us this exquisite fruit. Let’s celebrate the importance of respecting our green cycle from sowing our land up until the harvest of our organic bananas.

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Consumer bag - Naked bag - Naked -
2lb or 3 lb bag - 2 lb or 3lb band -
Private labeling

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